threads collected

….some of my favourite bits from the last week around the web…

Leadership mistakes’s from Michael Hyatt, ways that nurture gratefulness in our children, a great TED talk: Brene Brown about vulnerability, productivity brilliance about why you’re not getting stuff done!, Intent doesn’t win:- finishing wins, esp. when it comes to getting things done!, Unrealistic marriage relationship expectations inc. great Tim Keller quote, why I hate religion, but love Jesus, How to welcome church visitors – comedic youtube help,  This is discipleship – clear – simple and challenging, Two timeless musical old-favourites – make my life a prayer for you and Rich Mullin’s – Hold me Jesus!

How to make resolutions stick, Are children’s and youth ministry about ‘saving’ churches and leadership?, Matt Chandler on More than just David & Goliath, Classic Mitchell & Webb – comedy about the Bad Waiter!, It’s Jesus plus nothing! Maggi Dawn’s beautiful beckoning to hope and battling on, Hyatt on becoming a more authentic leader, Loneliness in the church, the primary context for discipleship,  iPad invention for weary young dad’s, the next Billy Graham may be drunk right now, great bible reading advice, and sadly Narnia 4 isnt coming soon!!