Boom to these great apologetics….from Einstein, this worship track is beautiful: Riddle & Bethel, Amazing spiritually healthy spirituality resources here from Pete Scazzero’s church, attentive listening to the spirit of the living God, the dangerous beautiful calling as Pastors, Dr MLJones wisdom….., why church hurts, Spiritual warfare by John Ortberg, a former-pastors regret, Together for the Gospel: teaching resources, Frank Viola’s writing on womens ministry, Let treasure resurrection life and new births: Mars Hill baptisms, Hyatt on rebuilding trust, Nothing & over-reacting are two things we’re far too good at!? Chloe’s excellent article on losing the right battles!, church leadership rythmn strategies, McKnight & McClaren on ‘being a heretic’?!, Matthew Paul Turners honesty about tiredness about God,  resurrected Christianity?Peoples’ sexual identities should never be theological weapons, Jesus is more than girlfriend material: CVM challenges, ways to remember the info you read!, Marks of empowered discipleship, Gungor’s Beautiful Things, Hyatt’s ways to know that you’re a leader, a (curate esp) ministry review tool?! Bible-books & baby-names?!, Andrew Browns – Are evangelicals on another planet?, and church bathroom funny?!

“Out of the cross comes the resurrection. Out of weakness comes real strength. Out of repentance and admitting you are weak comes real power. Out of giving away and serving others comes real strength. Out of generosity and giving your money away comes real wealth. That’s the gospel story line.” Tim Keller