The ache is real after the shifts and the rejection of the measure discussed at length again yesterday. The journey towards the ordination of women bishops got aborted dramatically yesterday.

Wikipedia shortly after, had a revised first line……

The Church of England is the officially established sexist Christian church in England.

I ache. Not because I’m a third-level feminist, politically correct, or necessarily because of theological precision, but because I believe this was a vital part of the progressive mission of God through the Church of England in our nation. There is loss abounding here in the diminishment of brilliant female colleagues and honoured co-workers in gospel ministry.

Fear caused the naysayers to halt it.
Layity overturned clergy and bishops in this, and there’s much to reflect on this. 72% agreement wasn’t enough. Consciences brought into collision with each other was always going to bring pain.
Criticism of the juggernault process and lawnmower speed will prevail, and here again I ache for I long for respect, honour and favour as the church witnesses to Christ in this world.
Forty-two out of 44 dioceses approved the legislation, The vast and settled majority of opinion among churchgoers were in favour, with the irony – that those who desire male-headship rejected this in it’s layity voice.

Archbishop ++Rowan urged that: “……through this the world might look at the church and see Jesus Christ” Alas…….?!

I’m caused to reflect, pray and care for the wounding in this process. I’m needing to reflect on my own journey in this all……yetwithal…..

Nothing,….like nothing! not height nor depth nor power nor principality, nothing in heaven or below the earth; nothing future, present or past…..Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The kingdom of God is bigger than our greatest disappointments and love must prevail: always protecting, always trusting, always hoping,…and yes always persevering. 2019 will see this revisited…..and so until we know the completeness of the final day, protect your heart, love and give, beyond all the very real and present ache.