Altrogge has a knack with words. But more that this. This is a beautiful description of life with God. A generous serving of gospel delight.

Here is a glorious vision of Jesus. Stephen Altrogge clearly believes that it’s a crime to bore people with Jesus, despite this being our cultural default. Myths are deconstructed, unreality and error are engaged with in gentle but impactful ways. This is a robustly researched and strongly written new work. We are taken to the place of great truth, for ‘when God dies to us, we die in ourselves.’ Yet few authors let the scale of God remain gloriously beyond their measure, their language and their containment. Altrogge is one of these rare and precious voices.

The structure, spirit and close of the book for me were some of the best parts of this writing. This will cause you to be renewed in your confidence of Christ as Saviour and God.

Here is the God who ‘breaks our vocabulary’ who exceeds our biggest view of Him and just doesn’t say love: He actually proves it. This is far beyond the shallows, its a compelling invitation to our “incredible, glorious, untameable God.” This is full of engaging language, stimulating thought and searing theology. Top-class stuff.

Fresh, faithful and heartfelt.