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5th April Walking with Jesus: Palm Sunday, 29th March Peace resources, 22nd March Homecoming resources, 15th March JWD  Philippians 4:13, 8th March Philippians 4:10-23, 1st March – Philippians 3:20-4v9, 23rd February –Philippians 3:12-19 16th February Philippians 3:1-11, 9th February Philippians 2-19-30,2nd February: Philippians 2-1-11  26th January 2020, Philippians 1;21-30. 19th January 2020, Philippians 1:12-20, 12th January 2020, Philippians 1:1-11, 5th January 2020, Obedience: the invitation of Jesus22nd December Hope Afresh message, 15th December Clean Up Advent message, 8th December Wake Up Advent message, 1st December – Hallelujah!:- the best is yet to come! 24th November – Salvation Acts 9 pt11, 10th November Overcoming 2 Chronicles 36, 3rd November Giants 1 Samuel 17 pt8, 27th October – The way through the wilderness20th October – The provided sacrifice, 13th October God’s do’s & dont’s from Exodus 20, 6th October –What would Jesus say? – Safeguarding Sunday, 29th September – God in calling, 22nd September –God in provision, 15th September – God in relationship, 8th Sept – God in creation: in the begining – ‘From Genesis to Hallelujah’

APCM Vestry Accounts 2018, APCM Agenda 2019, Pastoral Apprentice STPH Application form Easter Day Sunday AM teaching 21st April 2019 Luke 10 teaching 31st March 2019

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Youth Church – Palm Sunday, Children & Family – Palm Sunday, Youth resources – Peace, Childrens resources – peace, St Peters Family Worship 22nd March, Heritage Society Anniversary notes, Corona No-Panic Helpguide,  Convid-19 help form, Local History story, V2 75th heritage event March 2020, Church Leadership overview, January 2020, Pastoral letter & Annexe update, +Stephen Oxford, Election letter from Archbishops,News update by Grimshaws, Christmas Card invite 2019, Inside left, July 2019 Pastoral letter, June 2019 Church Family news, May 2019 Church Family News, September 2018 Pastoral letter, Pastoral Letter May 2018, Overflow changes letter June 2018, Future and vision together St Paul’s

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A missional life Kent Street Pastors, October 2019.   Self-discipline teaching handout LST October 2019

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