I’ve paper-journalled since 2000 and these journals prop up my shelves. This is my occsional online blogging effort! Journey with me, comment and connect, if you wish.

I long to be all that God has made me to be.  This is just a little outpost of some of my thoughts, and I hope it helps, if only in part. There’ll be bundles of links in magpie-style, some reflections, devotionals and perhaps a series here and there. 

I grew up in Northern Ireland, but have come to make home, wherever I lay my head. I’ve learned so much more in life through the bumps and bruises, than through the bits of paper and formal learning elsewhere. I have a background in architecture, organisational management and church leadership. I’ve lived in Staffordshire and now in the South-East. Seeing people flourish in life, faith and calling is what gives me greatest satisfaction! I am married to a wonderful woman called Julie and we have a blended family of four.

I have languishing musical ability, stagnant artistic expression, and diminishing hockey and tennis skills: I enjoy good food, and apparently post too many pictures of food in my instagram feed!