Serving people through the local church is what I love the most. I have a diverse evangelical story. I delight to serve the local church through pastoral leadership roles in Staffordshire, Essex and now here in Greater London. My primary place of ministry is Emmanuel Church Northwood, where I serve as Associate Vicar. I’m an Associate with the LICC  committed to fuel whole-life-discipleship, a contributor and Trustee with London School of Theology, and in other kingdom initiatives that advance the cause of Jesus. I am also a part-time doctoral research student. 

Connecting people with their capacity and accompanying them through coaching sessions is exhilarating for me. Dreams, possibilities and lots of reality feature heavily in the coaching input I offer.

My Dad was a legendary bookseller in his day. Books are an unmistakeable part of my formation and delight. I  have worked with others in bringing their ideas into print, have a few projects brewing myself alongside being a regular review writer. Heaven’s gonna be full of books, right?!

Mission enabler, coach & developer. These are some of the things that make me most alive! So collaborating with you or serving you in any of these ways would be a privilege. Use the contact page and let me know if I can serve you.

And because a few of you have asked: here’s some recent talks. Encountering the challenge of grace from a parable in Matthew 20, Learning a life of trust, as inspired by Proverbs 3, audio here, and the continuing acts of Jesus in Acts 4, video here.