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at year end. Here's some things that I've gathered quickly from the memories of the past months. Some of my favourite from 2015! books 1 The good and beautiful community, by James Bryan Smith 2 Visions of vocation, by Steven Garber 3 Yawing at Tigers, by Drew Dyck 4 Creating a missional culture, by JR Woodward 5 Giving blood, by Leonard Sweet discoveries 1 Swiss mountain-views with Julie, Northumbrian wide open spaces and Cornish coastlines were thrilling 2 Summer-sunshine water-play and pure silliness with Noah & Esther, sans wifi! 3 Culling a serious excess of stuff - was both helpful [...]

summers done

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And so as drizzle comes down. Here's a few snapshots from my mind. Humidity, sunshine and driving ease makes Florida kinda dreamy. Favourite t-shirt spotted: "you had me at bacon.' Disney is great.....but Universal won out for most of us. Chef was my favourite movie from what I saw over the summer weeks. And no I still haven't yielded to watching Frozen. Meditating on a few verses of scripture still wins out for me. The American can-do mentality is mostly great! Riding roller coasters was so enjoyed for the first time in my life. The Hulk was the best of what Orlando [...]


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There are so many conference 'scenes' out there,.....and definitely never the budget to attend all of them. So here are some of the best of the recent #C3 conference. "Jesus makes everything better, including trouble." Jentezen Franklin “Love the calling you have, not the one you wish you had.” @JudWilhite "The praise that costs the most counts the most" @jentezen Prayer may not change everything but it will change you! @Jentezen "The wilderness is only negative if you stay there longer than you have to." @DhariusDaniels "Gomer is Hosea's calling, not just his wife. Go and love your calling again" [...]

five on Friday, for you…

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rather than too many links.....I'm cutting down! All in the spirit of the 'year of lean!' 1 whether the new year blues have got to you or now: recall the late Jim Elliott's wisdom: "Wherever you are: be wholly there!"and take a few minutes to enjoy this pacey, brilliant & funny TED talk by Shawn Achor on the secret to better work. 2 Q-ideas: always offers lots, here's to Sabbath goodness 3 I (still) love this song: 'Well with my soul', by Brenton Brown 4 Don't be a saviour: don't be like Jesus! brilliance from Conrad Gempf 5 writing advice from [...]

some of my Christmas…

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......in reply to my cyberpal supersimbo's invitation, this was some of my Christmas. It involved far too much pace, perhaps not enough quiet and medium amounts of gluttony! More home-making adventures with Julie: and real-tree goodness. The three-meat Christmas roast was particularly good! Just-about recovery from all the pre-Christmas services: overdosing particularly on singing 'Silent Night.' Seeing the joy of my children’s present opening: brilliant although all-too-short times with Noah & Esther. Enjoying the store of dreams: Apple at Covent Garden with Noah! The giving and receiving of slippers: I received high-end quality slippers,….as I am of that age and [...]

best reads from 2012

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..... here's what I read in the last year: from q1, q2, q3 and q4 of 2012. I read around 130 books. I have some new inquisitive friends, so I logged the details this year. Here are my favourite reads of from the year. Impossible though it is. Here's my top-twelve reads from 2012, in no particular order. Everything, by Mary DeMuth The top 5 regrets of dying by Bonnie Ware. Champagne for the Soul by Mike Mason. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero. Does my soul look big in this? by Rosemary Lain-Priestley. A Praying Life by Paul Miller To be delivered in the event of my [...]


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Of the many reviews - this is the best one: of Francis Spufford’s ‘Unapologetic’, Matthew Porter's great blog on whether the church is like M&S!, Eugene Peterson on stories, Failure, not success, makes a leader great, LICC's Being present to God, The gospel in an age of optional discipleship, challengingly 8 ways you can keep young adults out of your church, and if you know your own story - you know how to write! Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts to Embrace, 12 things to do when you are criticised, Beyond gender roles, The Church of Englands helpful policy on bullying and harassment, Keeping the main-thing-as-the-main-thing for pastor-leaders according [...]

11 best books…

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from 2011.... in my limited and biased take on it all! Maybe the only things better than reading a great book and talking about a great book, is forwarding the goodness on to others! Reading may begin as a solitary experience, but it doesn’t have to stay that way for long. This is not an intentionally controversial list, though purposefully accessible, best-enjoyed in paper-not-kindle, and in no particular order!! Consumer Detox by Mark Powley Alone Together: why we expect more of technology and less from each other - by Sherry Turkle Lit! by Reinke Tony Shaping the Heart: Reflections on spiritual [...]