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more books…

from quarter three, 2013. For there’s nothing like the company of a worn book with markings, folds and scribbled Here’s the list, with my favourites bolded….. 1. Freefall to fly, Rebecca Lyon. 200. 2. Practising the presence of people, Mike Mason, 272. 3. Learning to dream again, Sam Wells. 216. 4. Shelf Life, Simon Parke. […]

my sugguested summer reads?

A dear church-leader friend of mine, asked the inevitable question of me the other day. What would you sugguest I read? So here goes: in no particular order: my best six reads this year. Prototype by Jonathan Martin. CS Lewis; Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet by Alistair Mc Grath The Compassionate Quest, by Trystan Owain Hughes Practicing the presence of people, by […]


glorious books….. heres what I’ve been reading in the second quarter of 2013. It adds to what I’ve read earlier. All good stuff, with the best titles bolded, yes as ever not enough novels, but do I have the time and patience?! And the numbers are for a reading collective I’m a part of. What are you reading? what would you sugguest […]

2013 books

It’s been a lean start to the reading cycle! Here’s what I’ve enjoyed from the 1st quarter…… 1. Loving Mercy, Simon Ponsonby 182 pages 2. Curates Egg, John Martin 143 pages 3. The God of the Mundane, Matthew Redmond 78 pages 4. The Authenticity of Faith, Richard Beck 240 pages 5. The Greatness Principle, Matthew […]

what would you sugguest…..?

to a friend who’s asking for a recommended read that helps them grow in God. Something that helps them desire God more? Here’s four titles that are well worth buying and reading….. Epiphanies of the Ordinary by Charlie Cleverley (is seriously refreshing & wonderfully anglican) Beauty will save the world by Brian Zahnd (fresh and […]


are some of my greatest places of enjoyment. there’s always a few on the go. I love to reflect and quickly scribbling up review thoughts. more than this, I love to scribble, mark, fold and write up the provocations, stirrings and tangents that get stirred by reading the words of another. ……but just in case people think […]

best reads from 2012

….. here’s what I read in the last year: from q1, q2, q3 and q4 of 2012. I read around 130 books. I have some new inquisitive friends, so I logged the details this year. Here are my favourite reads of from the year. Impossible though it is. Here’s my top-twelve reads from 2012, in no particular […]

reads from q4

*my best reads of the quarter, are bolded! 1 To be delivered in the event of my death, Chris Russell. 173 pages. 2 The naked now, Richard Rohr. 183 pages. 3 Imitating Jesus, Clark & Grissom. 104 pages 4 The radical Jesus, John Stott. 140 pages 5 You can change, Tim Chester. 195 pages. 6 […]

more Peterson, more pastoralia

I can’t overstate my deep appreciation of Eugene Peterson enough. He’s the kind of pastor, mentor & author whose writing, inspires, resources and warms me! His most recent writing, I loved last summer when I first read it. Usually it takes me a couple of weeks to get through a Eugene book, sentences and paragraphs […]

reads from q3

*my best reads of the quarter, are bolded! 1. Tokens of Trust, ++ Rowan. 159pages 2. Hannah’s Child, Stanley Hauweraus. 288pages 3. Conspiracy of Kindness, Steve Sjogren. 228pages 4. Hiding from love, John Townsend. 288pages 5. The Antidote, Oliver Burkeman. 214pages 6. If God…. then what, Andrew Wilson, 159pages 7. The Lions World, ++ Rowan. […]

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