five on Friday

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“We are not meant to die merely in order to be dead. God could not want that for the creatures to whom He has given the breath of life. We die in order to live.” Elizabeth Elliot 1 Helpful reminders on leading church change.  2 The challenge of distraction - helpful stuff! 3 Some of the best twitter counsel! 4 Godly leadership courage in church is needed 5 Compassion fatigue, and all that!

leading from a healthy soul!

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iDisciple session 2 & 3 was an impactful exploration of leading from a healthy soul. Hosted by Mindy Calguire Regenerated souls become more and more alive, or not. Don't ignore your deepest questions. Is ministry happening out of drudgery or increasing resentment? Insanity of load and capacity is rampant in Christian leaders. What does your interior critic say? How do you answer? One of the costs of serving Jesus should not be our vitality with Jesus. John 15 v 5 esp. part b of the verse. All of the language of Jesus is about connection! The dark appeal of selfish drivenness..... [...]

what makes life great…?

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What would make a Father give his Son to a band of thieves and bandits to have their way with him? Love What would make a man give up a good name for ignorant ridicule and scoffing? Love What would make a mother bring her child into a world through scandalous appearances? Love What would make a man give up his limitless freedom for vulnerability and pain? Love Why does a man give up position to serve the fragile and the marginalised? Love What makes an individual give themselves to serve those who will never understand nor repay their efforts? [...]


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One of my unmistakeable joys is accompanying people in the all the complexity of their lives. To rummage and wrestle with our shadow-self is nothing less than heroic. Whether it's with increasing age, recceding hair or occasional cleric-shirt wearing (!!).......I'm hearing more confessional truth and authentic struggle. People greatly value the opportunity to unpack things that have been stored up for some time. Confessions tumble out, topic's emerge, truths are found in safe spaces, and complexity finds freedom and healing through God's grace and a little human steer. Max Lucado courageously writes about this 'coming-clean.' This confession business. Some of the voxpox's of his writing [...]