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“O God, let something essential happen to me, something more than interesting or entertaining, or thoughtful. O God, let something essential happen to me, something awesome, something real. Speak to my condition, Lord, and change me somewhere inside where it matters, a change that will burn and tremble and heal and explode me into tears […]


“God in heaven – guardian of my heart, my fingers are aching from my attempts to play the right notes. My feet are tired from walking a path for which my shoes do not always feel adequate. I’ve been busy examining my faith and wondering if it is big enough – but of course faith […]


Jesus renames us, calls us His, and reminds us of our identity in Him. He says the same words to us as He said to Israel, “Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name you are mine” Isaiah 43 v 1. We’re no longer defined by what we’ve done but by […]


The cry of this world for meaning and hope and life, was met one morning far away in the cry of a tiny baby. And with that cry, time stopped and started again. Through it everything was made new. And we are forever changed.

maple syrup & three-percent

For me life always makes sense when I think about food! I’ve recently learnt about the process of refining maple syrup. Maple trees are tapped with buckets hung under the taps; out of the trees drips a sap, which is thin and clear, like water. On a good day, 50 trees will yield 40 gallons […]

failing well

I once read Catherine Rohr saying:- “failure is really redirection.” I really like that. I’ve found real truth and resonance in this, if only I could find a way for my heart to really grab onto it. There’s comfort in this. For days and times when I feel and know I’ve failed a dozen times a day in any […]


Deliver me… from what they want me to be. Deliver me… from what they expect me to be. Deliver me… from the script written in my head. Deliver me… from the people-pleaser inside me. Deliver me… from the weaknesses inside of me. Deliver me… from the fear of expressing me. Deliver me… from the fear […]

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