new year, fresh resolve…..

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Donald Miller reveals that only 8% of new years resolutions are maintained. Here's a great blog from him on this. And here are my stripped-down fewest ever resolutions for a new year: all clustered around the idea of lean! My 2013 resolves...... 1 More discipline and more delight 2 No book purchases 3 No clothes or shoe purchases

Lenten changes….

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this is a great place to start with some Lenten reflection, or perhaps these great Lent resources! so what are you thinking of this Lent.....? or are you like some of my purist-Calvinist friends, who live like its lent everyday!!? whats it gonna mean these 45-days before Easter......? something new, not something barred.....something affirmative, not just something to reject!? I'm still hankering after Cadburys and resisting!...whatever it are two questions that have started to settle with me as Lent approaches this week. 1. When I wake up on Resurrection Sunday morning, how will I be different?  2. Is there a habit [...]

the discipline of time *outline

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the fourth in our Sunday teaching series:- The Discipline of Time,... Exodus 20v8-11, Matthew 6v25-34 Discipline without direction is drudgery. Time scarity! Compulsions….? Exodus 20v10 i) Sabbath rest will give authentic enjoyment.                                                                   ii) Sabbath rest is for contrast.                                                                                              iii) Sabbath rest gives a glimpse of eternity in our time. Margin? / Procrastination?! /  Ecclesiastes 9:11, Proverbs 21:16. // 1- Seek Gods will in everything / 2-Learn how to say “NO” / 3-Develop good routines /  4-Look for where Gods activity is  / STOP – LOOK – LISTEN /  5-Schedule unhurried time with God / the still, small voice:- 1 Kings 19:12 [...]

the discipline of bible reading *outline

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from our new teaching outline today... “Without discipline, there’s no life at all!” The Discipline of Bible Reading  Exodus 20 v 1-6, Psalm 119 v 97-112 1 The Command – Exodus 20 v 4 God’s no cosmic killjoy, but always for our good! 2 The Warning – Exodus 20 v 5 Idols will disappoint, idols will dominate & deform us! 
3 The Blessing - Exodus 20 v 6 Psalm 119 v 105 1. If you’re too busy for the bible, you’re too busy. 2. Everything will keep you from the bible. 3. God needs a vehicle of truth. 4. [...]