I’m unfinished…

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Paul Tripp is a pastor-mentor. I've never met the man: but through his writing and video's like this! waoooooh.......how good, and how true......and what a moustache and frames too!! He's not just talking about problems for pastors, though he is talking much more. We drive leaders into hiding. We engage with scripture without it's full effect on our lives. We need communities of disciple-making and pastoral care not just place to train leaders. We need to be interested in other peoples lives. We need to love deeply! We're all sinners. We're all in the middle of being-changed. None of us are the finished article! We [...]

Uncle John’s daily prayer

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John Stott passed away from this earthly scene late last year. He lived a unspectacular life, left a remarkable legacy and set a tremendous example of integrity and faithfulness to millions. As a nod to the life and memorial legacies of 'Uncle John', and because of having it fixed to my bathroom mirror for some time.....I share this great morning prayer. "Almighty and everlasting God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, I worship you. Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord of the world, I worship you. Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of the people of God, I worship you. Glory be to the Father, [...]

why read Christian biographies

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I've not read enough stories of life with Jesus recently, but am just about to loop around for more..... I love reading the stories of those God has used throughout history. The diversity of lives that God uses is staggering.....so for days when you struggle to feel that God is big and glorious: trace His hand in the lives of others! There is no one personality type, ministry, approach, nor theological tribe God has been limited to. All of this serves to make much of God and birth fresh humility in us. Outside of the Bible, biographies of the people God has [...]