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smiles from this week…..

Group cycling, aka spinning is a reflection of the fall…..but it’s working for me in a love-hate kind of way. The opposite of transformation is probably transaction. And we’re made for so much more than this…… A church that tries to recruit, offering the details of 69 planned management mtgs per year, will understandably struggle to attract Acts 2 […]


what you see, right?! One of my local bucket list things has come to pass. Eating with family members at Hawksmoor Spitalfields was their kind treat to us, and even for the non-beef eating Julie, all times too. Food this good, requires recording right!?  Doesnt the goodness of this make you just salivate!? Hawksmoor is worth a visit.

STW 1.ix.2013

Proverbs 20 v 28 was part of my morning mana. “A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.” Spoil yourself to ten-tracks of musical goodness with Foy Vance in his new album. Best of the year. Sometimes ‘love’ means cooking vegetarian moussaka…….there was a meat supplement […]


glorious books….. heres what I’ve been reading in the second quarter of 2013. It adds to what I’ve read earlier. All good stuff, with the best titles bolded, yes as ever not enough novels, but do I have the time and patience?! And the numbers are for a reading collective I’m a part of. What are you reading? what would you sugguest […]

a terrible brilliance

I don’t read enough novels, according to my friends and colleagues! So in a small augmentation to my pattern……I got reading something different. The Terrible Thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne is more-than your average children’s book. Its a 4-star goodie!   Here is a moving tale of difference and redemption. It’s pacey, engaging […]

some of my Christmas…

……in reply to my cyberpal supersimbo’s invitation, this was some of my Christmas. It involved far too much pace, perhaps not enough quiet and medium amounts of gluttony! More home-making adventures with Julie: and real-tree goodness. The three-meat Christmas roast was particularly good! Just-about recovery from all the pre-Christmas services: overdosing particularly on singing ‘Silent […]

reads from q4

*my best reads of the quarter, are bolded! 1 To be delivered in the event of my death, Chris Russell. 173 pages. 2 The naked now, Richard Rohr. 183 pages. 3 Imitating Jesus, Clark & Grissom. 104 pages 4 The radical Jesus, John Stott. 140 pages 5 You can change, Tim Chester. 195 pages. 6 […]

reads from q3

*my best reads of the quarter, are bolded! 1. Tokens of Trust, ++ Rowan. 159pages 2. Hannah’s Child, Stanley Hauweraus. 288pages 3. Conspiracy of Kindness, Steve Sjogren. 228pages 4. Hiding from love, John Townsend. 288pages 5. The Antidote, Oliver Burkeman. 214pages 6. If God…. then what, Andrew Wilson, 159pages 7. The Lions World, ++ Rowan. […]

Q2, 2012 reading

Here is more book goodness that logs my reading to the second half-of-the year! Bolded titles, were my more enjoyed reads! 1. Stations of the Cross by Sara Maitland & Chris Golland. 125 pages 2. The Good God, by Michael Reeves. 144 pages 3. Imagine by Jonah Lehrer. 253 pages 4. Lit! by Tony Reinke. […]

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