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A change of pace during half-term has been very good to me. A change of pace, always brings a change of perspective. The confidence of Christ’s never failing work in His people, continues to so encourage me. The kiddies have been growing in their technology skills. They love YouTube more than I love printed books. We had […]

summers done

And so as drizzle comes down. Here’s a few snapshots from my mind. Humidity, sunshine and driving ease makes Florida kinda dreamy. Favourite t-shirt spotted: “you had me at bacon.’ Disney is great…..but Universal won out for most of us. Chef was my favourite movie from what I saw over the summer weeks. And no […]


times with my Noah & Esther around and about. Such a treat and the delight of doing life at a different speed-setting. Eating, laughing and chatting incessantly.  Going back continually to get free samples of Cinnamon and Sugar pretzels! Entering a – build the car the fastest- competition. We made the scoreboard, but didn’t win.  […]


…..from my Noah & Esther and having them around for a precious few days! They’ve got a great take on things – so here’s some of their truths!  Not so much a six-pack, as a fat-pack! Daddy you have many talents,….. but singing isnt one of them You’re the best even with the curly hair!? You […]

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