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I’m not checking into facebook so much but scrolling moreso at speed over my twitter feed. One of it’s quirks and delights is the way it doesnt take itself too seriously. It communicates, update, is great for breaking news and the humour conveyed is mostly great! Here’s some of my favourites from a great #AddaWordRuinaMovie […]

favourite lines from my week….

funny and all that……… Life is richer for all that’s said, alone the way!! 😉 well if the HD is on TV, you wont see the British rain!  I hope I get to wear shorts in heaven too! ‘You keep on talking about how God’s grace is enough. What would that look like in my […]

a special moment

…of mixed messages… don’t do this when reading….when leading,…when anything…..let hope the offended got damages!? Watch this hilarious-disturbing 1-minute church moment!…..and never repeat!

Learning & growing

Threads from along the way