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"I come to You today, O Lord To give up my rights To lay down my life To offer my future To give my devotion, my skills, my energies I shall not waste time Deploring my weaknesses Nor my unfittedness for the work I acknowledge your choice with my life To make Your Christ attractive and intelligible To those around me I come to You for spiritual preparation. Put your hand upon me Anoint me with the oil of the One with Good News. Save me from compromise, Heal my soul from small ambitions, Deliver me from the itch to [...]


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Song of Solomon 8 v 6-7 says it this way:- “For love is as strong as death . . . Its flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it.” If forward is how we wish to move, then love is the most powerful thing to propel us in that direction. As a motivator, love really has no healthy equal. It’s “as strong as death.” It burns with a flame that “many waters cannot quench.” Wouldn’t we reach forward more fervently in life if our love for God were [...]

Bob’s thought*

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"This Sunday is Easter Day. It is a bittersweet truth that Jesus needed to die in order to live again. My walk through Holy Week will be in the company of Pope Francis who has talked of churches needing to go through a process of discernment, purification and reform. Discernment is on Maundy Thursday. For Jesus this was the realization that as he walked towards his death one of his own would betray him. For me it is the recognition that in the life of the church I have often hidden behind a grey pragmatism. Purification comes on Good Friday. [...]

sweet trust

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As I'm thinking through the beauty of trust and the reality of our untrust in this life. Some classic old words that inspire my faith and trust in Jesus. Part of the many off-cuts for preaching this weekend! "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Just to trust Him at His word Just to rest upon His promise Just to know Thus Saith the Lord Jesus, Jesus, How I trust Him How I’ve proved Him O’er and O’er Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus O for grace to trust Him more. I’m so glad I’ve learned to trust Him Precious Jesus, Saviour [...]


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......a lumpy bumpy extract from my (real-paper) journal.... Hope is a person, not a theory. Hope doesn't struggle if the circumstances are not favourable. Hope isn't bewildered if things are not ideal. Hope is found in the person. He has authority over the power and every whiff of despair. And He has given that same authority to us. Despair cannot stand in His presence, nor can despair continue to pull us towards its  eventual death, if we call upon God in our time of need. Lies have no power in the light of His presence. Just as light offers a [...]


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Here are four gutsy bible encouragements, from the inimitable Paul Tripp. Absolute truth wedges, that I'm appreciating this afresh week. This past year you were accepted by grace, forgiven by grace, transformed by grace, delivered by grace and the work of grace is not done! This past year exposed how the weakness of sin still lives inside us and that strength is only found in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This past year proved again how sin reduces us to fools and how much we still need the rescue of the stunning wisdom of God's Word. We can have [...]


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Advent hope is the theme of our exploration in Acts 1v1-11 today. It finds me holding to the weighty goodness of Gods word for me. His faithfulness, his grace and that He cannot and will not fail. This is my teaching outline, for this morning....... “Standing on the promises that cannot fail….” Isaiah 14v24, Psalm 145v13 So, what are at least three of the promises of Jesus, seen here? 1. The promise of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1 v 4, Joel 2 v 28-29 and John 7 v 38-39. 2. The promise of power! Acts 1 v 8, Ephesians 3 [...]

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