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James Emery White

the Christian mind

iDisciple sessions 8 &9 with James Emery White explored discipleship with emphasis on the Christian Mind aim to go an inch wide, and a mile deep. 5 headlines of the modern mind:- 1 we think there’s a lot of truth to go around – pluralism is rampant. Peter Bergers Sacred Canopy, now gives may to […]

transformers of what?

(my headline scribbles) from the first session of the iDisciple conference today. James Emery White opened with a stormer, on ‘becoming the transformers of culture!’ prophetically and challengingly ranging back to the enlightenment and forward as to the kind of church we need to be! If you care about people being born: you must care about […]

White’s, four great questions…

….leadership questions from the brilliant James Emery White. timeless questions about changing and maturing in leadership….. 1. Where do I need to work harder? 2. Where do I need to work smarter? 3. Where am I operating primarily in the flesh? 4. Where am I simply not gifted? this is an epic blog-post and the diagrams are particularly worth […]

Learning & growing

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