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Lines from others in the last few days. Who says life is boring....?! 'The Holy Spirit often likes to turn up and say boo!' From a vicar friend, "Stalk me on Facebook but don't look me up on Crockfords!" Have we become more salt and vinegar, than salt and light people? Nobody actually eats welsh cakes in Wales anymore, do they? "Can we bring Octobers weather back please, urgently and now!?" Indeed it is.....the love of God is really changing me.  I've got to retrain my face to not look so grumpy! God blesses the moving ship, and I'm not [...]


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well, it can be rather over-used language. It's hackneyed, and more than a little cliched. But here's some out-takes from my reading of John Howard Yoder from Radical Christian Discipleship, his popular-level essays. Theres some gems here. "The most popular alternative to trying to fit in is to try to be different..What these rebels often do not see is that their rebellion is usually just as much a kind of conformity as that of blatant conformists. In fact, it is doubly so. The rebel is first a prisoner of the system that he or she rejects...There is nothing more compulsive, not to mention boring, than [...]