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five on Friday

“The church, which is a kingdom fellowship under King Jesus, counters each of these stories with the story of new creation that becomes possible through the power of the Spirit and the life of Jesus. Kingdom creates a family called a church.” Scot McKnight 1 Eight killers of momentum and motivation. Ron’s insight.  2 Creativity’s […]


I’ve still not got my head around the most intensive rummage I’ve had with the book of Galatians. This was a rare and helpful in-depth study last week. There were helpful detailed blog summaries from Robin Ham in particular. And on the last morning Douglas Moo offered the briefest and best application of Galatians for practical pastoral […]


So this afternoon we discovered our local independent cinema and spent part of our day-off with Aronofsky’s Noah. Noah is an ambitious piece, set initially in a scorched, desolate post-apocalyptic world. Think very flat, low budget, Mordor country. There are some bold and ingenious script moments, but also some flat, unhelpfully slow and disappointing cul de […]

iDisciple impact

Here’s some of the things that have stuck from a couple of dense conference days earlier this week. I spent my training budget on attending iDisciple and got stirred up on many things! Simon Benham, Sue Ranger and the wider team on behalf of Willow Creek UK served us really well at Kerith Community Church. I made scribbles here, here, here, here, and here! But rather than the masses, here’s the […]

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