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God's graciously challenging me.... Im know Gods tenderness in this. Seeing this cohort of Alpha guests journey with Jesus is humbling It's been a decent coffee week too! Praise be..... Seeing heaps of new possibilities in our community, in all sorts of way. Amen. Walking through suffering and pain yet with hope is the grit of pastoral life. Greater and deeper reading at the moment. More Lord! Adding six more people to home group life in the last ten days is another kick! Jacobs story and his complex trickster ways continues to help our church family. I'm still hungry for a bigger [...]


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The Lord's Prayer can get dusty really quick from repetition and overfamiliarity. I heard Dallas Willard's version of the Lord's Prayer and really enjoyed the freshness. Take it for a test-drive and see what you think. Here goes... "Dear Father, always near us, may your name be treasured and loved; may your rule be completed in us may your will be done on earth in just the way it's done in heaven. Give us today the things we need today, and forgive us our sins and impositions on you, as we are forgiving all who in anyway offend us. Please don't put [...]

STW 6.i.2013

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Where do Artaban and Paul's call to be ambassadors of Christ converge: my morning preach! Reusing recyclable disposable paper cups really is a false economy. Wonderful to welcome guests today who'd made new year resolutions to connect with God, and came to church!! Also great to have Christmas service attendees, come back for more. An invitation from the Magi in Epiphany 2013: be wise in the spirit, spacious in your living and  focussed in faith. From this afternoons POT / IME 4-7 essay writing goodness;  Henri Frederick Amiel said, “You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is [...]

go on….

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...leave the world.... “When John says, ‘Leave the world,’ he does not mean the world with its desperate needs that cry out to be served. He means the self-centered projects, programs, demands—rationalized, justified and even glorified—of security, pleasure, esteem and power, which hinder our growing up into full human personhood.”  Thomas Keating ....choose better, ..choose more, choose life.

STW 22.iv.2012

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Churches don't have to have it all, to be about something special. A privilege to serve again at Wilmington. Further confirmation that, I really have no desire to run a marathon.....life's enough of one right?! '......the darling of heaven was crucified'.....worthy is the lamb! This boy is stumbling towards the flowers, he makes it three steps onto the platform....everyone else is mostly lost in the activity of sung worship. His disablity means his movements are uncomfortable, clumsy and sincere. Smell and touch of this tall, fragile array of flowers feels almost precarious but utterly in pause, as though out of time. For this [...]

STW 15.iv.2012

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Participating in and cheering on our children's work today:- the Emmaus Road story, is layered with meaning and possibility! Is discerning Jesus only more likely when we slow down.....? Mission, hospitality and table fellowship are inextricably bound up as one for me.... Storytelling is pure adventure....and something I want to continue growing in..... Not only does Jesus listen and teach,....but He lingers. Luke 24v28 reflects how much time we underestimate Jesus has for us! When you get tongue-tied with kids, heretical concepts can tumble out! Truly He is risen: He is risen indeed! Deep truth will always evoke a response [...]