STW 8.ix.2013

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Great conversations, depth, frustration, pain, hope and confidence in Jesus, were all part of life today with others. I was challenged as to how worry for each of us, wars with our trust in God. Still thankful for the privilege of yesterdays wedding, and the gift of preaching 1 Corinthians 13. Love is indispensable, love is action, love enables us to move from childhood to adulthood and love reminds us what is most important. This morning having a great wrestle with Matthew 10 v 1-20, an immense passage. I preached a six-pointer: So keep moving, trust God and if in doubt – [...]

STW 1.ix.2013

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Proverbs 20 v 28 was part of my morning mana. "A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished." Spoil yourself to ten-tracks of musical goodness with Foy Vance in his new album. Best of the year. Sometimes 'love' means cooking vegetarian moussaka.......there was a meat supplement with the left-overs for lunch today! Discipleship is truth and love made possible through relationship, and relates to whole life. Great conversations and prayer times with lots of people today. Thankful and encouraged. A helpful reminder from Erin that faith and wellness connect. From our [...]

STW 18.viii.2013

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Here's some of what today taught me......... I love it how God choreographs different passages and different talks on the same day. Recovering from repeated mockage about being a crocs wearer when spotted on Friday! Having more invites to play candy crush than to read the bible today, again! Is our culture more distraction than discipleship?! I loved explaining what I was preaching in the 0830 Trinity 12 to Noah, about God being enough. 2 Corinthians 3 v 5, 'Our sufficiency is of God!' In advance of his new album release, Foy Vance sounds as brilliant as ever. Challenging Luke [...]


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away time in the countryside was so restorative. The unique goodness of never being further than 16miles from a coastline...... Eating that Cornish pastie surrounded by beautiful scenery spiked plenty of facebook interest! Lots of amazing quality food, the art scene and wonderful friends in great weather makes for a great combination, right?! Cornwall is arguably the most beautiful county in the country. Seven-hours of a return-road trip isn't! Body-boarding at Lizard Point, seamless conversations with dear friends sharing deep vulnerability, much laughter and courageous challenge is precious. That sticky Lamb dish at Tabbs in Truro, was possibly one of [...]

STW 4.viii.2013

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Here's some of what today taught me. From early morning reading by John Piper in Taste and See, ".....That God is love unleashes the impulse of simplicity, and that God is God unleashes the impulse of complexity." Vestments were a warm addage to our Book of Common Prayer, Communion! Preaching Luke 19, in Trinity 10.....broke me afresh with the concept of 'eido.' Not looking casually but looking deeply: seeing as Jesus saw. Breakfast conversational goodness with some of this congregation, again so full of life and faith. In our second service, the reminder of the key metaphors used by Jesus [...]

STW 13.i.2012

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I've had a great weekend, and to add to that; to get to serve our children by helping them learn to be pray and be more confident about Jesus; just immense! In the many spoken-out prayer requests....One sounded just like this:- "Dear God might there be snow so I can have a snow day with my mum!" "No one but Christ himself can call us to discipleship. Discipleship in essence never consists in a decision for this or that specific action; it is always a decision for or against Jesus Christ." Dietrich Bonhoeffer Julie's great Sunday afternoon baking! chocolate [...]

STW 6.i.2013

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Where do Artaban and Paul's call to be ambassadors of Christ converge: my morning preach! Reusing recyclable disposable paper cups really is a false economy. Wonderful to welcome guests today who'd made new year resolutions to connect with God, and came to church!! Also great to have Christmas service attendees, come back for more. An invitation from the Magi in Epiphany 2013: be wise in the spirit, spacious in your living and  focussed in faith. From this afternoons POT / IME 4-7 essay writing goodness;  Henri Frederick Amiel said, “You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is [...]

STW 23.ix.2012

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Here's todays.... 'Sunday Taught What?' Cold-wet-autumn has really landed: far too early! Am liking Pro-presenter, techie-goodness with the effortless Tim V at the helm. Top-class. We attempted video-recording for another use..... all great apart from the sound capacity! Survival and 'getting by' can be all-too-easily the pattern of our lives. There is so much more.... how can we be renewed for generousity? Fish and Chips at Poppies, Spitalfields is always a good experience. Great conversations with Bob Kietley too. Where are those places of discontentment in your life? .........remember 'godliness with contentment is great gain!' Prayer should be more praise than requests. [...]

STW 2.ix.2012

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I still love making my bride her first cuppa of the day! Still giggling that my ebay trading yesterday was more unspectacular that the transfer deadline the day before! Humbled again at the challenge of holding out the word of life: Choosing God, means choosing people!  This is a call to inconvenience:- To love God unreservedly, to love people unconditionally, and to live life unselfishly. Shaun's book - 'a book of sparks!' ...has a great angle on so much...."our culture has given us double-glazed eyes and selective hearing!!" Chris Russell's genius book: Ten Letters, is a big impact read, and I've not [...]

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