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STW 5.viii.2012

So here’s a little of what Sunday taught me…..! Jesus has irreparably changed the world…His Word exalts, frightens, shocks & forces us to reassess our whole life. Obscure passages are troublesome, engaging and yet provoke only more depth, hunger and searching……so how did any of you get on with the trickey good steward / unjust […]


Theres a little bit of Nicodemus in all of us……. That head-and-head wrestle continues! Great BCP / Lectionary readings today……Trinity Sunday A fresh vision of history’s last chapter,….is more than enough to sustain us in the now…… “In a dark world, we lift the bread and wine.” …..from my journalled prayers:- Lord Jesus Christ, you […]

STW 22.iv.2012

Churches don’t have to have it all, to be about something special. A privilege to serve again at Wilmington. Further confirmation that, I really have no desire to run a marathon…’s enough of one right?! ‘……the darling of heaven was crucified’…..worthy is the lamb! This boy is stumbling towards the flowers, he makes it three steps onto […]

STW 15.iv.2012

Participating in and cheering on our children’s work today:- the Emmaus Road story, is layered with meaning and possibility! Is discerning Jesus only more likely when we slow down…..? Mission, hospitality and table fellowship are inextricably bound up as one for me…. Storytelling is pure adventure….and something I want to continue growing in….. Not only […]

STW 8.iv.2012

Easter Day is glorious hope…. It’s the day that death, forever dies! ‘Concupiscience’ from Colossians 3 KJV-style will always stick in the gums, without practice!?! Familiarity can make us apathetic to gospel truth. The substance of the resurrection is undeniable! Easter is the cosmic ‘ta-dah’ moment!!  Jesus said, “Because I live, you will live also!” […]

STW 4.iii.2012

Confession is about healing that pours into our cracked & hurting lives, our alone places. Confession is about coming clean with the fact that, left to our lonesome, we are lost – but also owning the fact that we dare to long for much, much more. To confess is to say the truth about ourselves […]

STW weekend…?!

Not just Sunday goodness but from the Vicar Weekend with St Mellitus. Here’s some of the take-away-messages for me…. As Liz says, “Musically, the best way to kick off lent is with some of Wesley’s flying bosoms, terrace songs & a good bit of trumpet!” Friday night fish was not very good…..rice pudding and creme […]

STW 19.ii.2012

Sunday taught what…… some of life from today! Love endures all things……Love defines itself by what it gives…..not its surrounds. From timely 0830 bcp reminder,….”The hearts of kings are in thy rule and governance.” Our God is sovereign and He is good. A three-bird roast from Sainsburys allegedly feeds up-8, was bargain goodness at £10 […]

STW 12.ii.2012

Some of life today…… Esther volunteered me her first chewitt on being reunited! #daddylove Lots of white-meat roast Chicken remains Noah’s favourite… Great to share table fellowship with others too! Listening to people’s lives is a privilege………for in our stories the God’s Holy Spirit broods and is powerfully active! How I rejoice that there will […]

STW 5.ii.2012

from my day today….. Sunday Taught What….. Dig for joy….and it can always be found. It is Jesus. Henri Nouwen’s, Life of the Beloved came alive again in the baptism of a little one at church today. ‘Ink blue’ is not a winter colour,… with Julie continues to teach me so much! It is very […]

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