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In all of our joys Christ is better and in all of our sufferings Christ is enough! or as Tim Keller would say, “there’s not shelter apart from God. We must continue to trust in Him because all other ‘shelters’ will prove to be places of greater danger. There is no other place to go. […]

solid hope

A Force of Will, by Mike Stavlund is 5 star stuff. This title is not for the faint hearted. This is robust and challenging stuff. It’s the material of parental and faith nightmares. Stavlund has crafted a beautifully written memoir about the loss of his infant son.  Searing honesty is mixed with emotions and questions about faith emerging from […]

the danger of refusing to suffer…

This sub-title from a book caught my attention, when I saw it on a friends shelf. Is this a statement from someone who is living in a fantasy world? ‘Refusing to suffer’ or, do I have a choice? Terrible things happen in this world. I have a memory full of unexplainable tragedies and unresolved complexity. […]

Learning & growing

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