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“Yesterday we look back to our Ebenezers the stake in the ground marking when you supplied we remember. we believe. we are grateful. for yesterdays provision. thanks. Today we enjoy your presence with us as we gather around this table with friends we share. we encourage. we are grateful. for todays provision. thanks. Tomorrow we look towards the […]

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….autumnal-winter really isnt my favourite season the way to deal with emails isn’t to choose which one to do: but just to do them, in order to empty the box! I’m really slow at ironing… …..its really far too cold! loss and death leave the heart more than a little-shredded….. when customer service unhelpfulness bottom’s […]

STW 19.ii.2012

Sunday taught what…… some of life from today! Love endures all things……Love defines itself by what it gives…..not its surrounds. From timely 0830 bcp reminder,….”The hearts of kings are in thy rule and governance.” Our God is sovereign and He is good. A three-bird roast from Sainsburys allegedly feeds up-8, was bargain goodness at £10 […]

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