Are you ready?*

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I groan when I’m asked “Are you ready for Christmas?” It seems to get earlier and earlier each year. However, Christmas is God’s preparation to meet us. No-one looked forward to the first Christmas more than God. For all eternity He set his heart and mind to coming, dwelling, loving, revealing himself and redeeming humankind at Christmas. Nothing would have stopped him. The detail of God’s preparation, patient waiting and the oversight of all the characters makes for an unforgettable Christmas story. It unfolds with majesty and purpose. It’s the story that has defined history. The shepherds were instructed to [...]

Come As You Are

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Few lyrics have ever unleashed more power to transform my soul...............Come As You Are, written by Paul Gurr, an Australian priest. Come as you are. That’s how I want you. Come as you are. Feel quite at home. Close to my heart, loved and forgiven, Come as you are, why stand alone. No need to fear, love sets no limits, No need to fear, love never ends. Don’t run away, shamed and disheartened Rest in my love, trust me again. I came to call sinners, not just the virtuous, I came to bring peace, not to condemn. Each time you fail, [...]

startling words…..

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.....can come from all sorts of places! Morning prayer can capture profound challenges at times. It's honestly not where I always expect impact to come from......but this regular rythmn in anglican life is rich and powerful and it keeps on coming! Regular morning bible and prayer together is part of my weekdays......and it's a great discipline. We bumped into Acts 7v51 today, and literally it felt like the air was sucked out of the room......."You stiff necked people....." and then this phrase..... "You always resist the Holy Spirit....!!" *ouch! what impact........what would God say to you? your community of faith?  [...]

bells and the Olympics

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I hope I grow in appreciation of church bells. They're a huge interest around here and across the nation. So in curious symbiotic timing today's launch to the Olympic sees bells to ring at 0812-am. Not my plan, nor my preference! The goal is that ALL kinds of bells might ring out for three minutes ‘as quickly and loudly as possible’. Ouchhhh! *here I think all relational goodwill, neighbourly love and acoustic happiness could drain away! All sounds of bells are welcome.........It’s going to be interesting to hear how well it works, and if the idea is to use bells to [...]