Sunday’s are a unique day in my week. I want to squeeze the purpose, beauty and playfulness out of the day that is Sunday, and share a few of the headlines with you if I can!? STW might become a feature in the weeks to come….we’ll see!

So much pressure on this year….and lots to anticipate!
Putting on Christ… what will make your year and mine the very best! Wake up, shake up and dress up in Christ, from Romans 13 v 1-14 grabbed me from today.

Left-over turkey can only be recycled so many times…?!

The Apostle Paul would have be pure riot and revival stuff. A nightmare to line-manage and probably not employed by any of our churches!?

Great friendship and family times this Christmas. Just wanting more time to read…….*introvert moments!

Mary Berry’s bargain Christmas cake mix made by my beloved is still a very good thing. It feels like a gift that keeps on giving!

Bring on all the possibilities of this brand ‘new page’ called 2012!