Psalm 115:11 speaks out a potentially very strange thing! “You who fear him, trust in the LORD— He is their help and shield.” ……..What an odd contradiction. The Bible says to trust in the Lord. But it also says to fear the Lord. Trust and fear seem to be mutually exclusive. But if you really think about it, you can’t separate them. They’re not contradictory at all.

If something’s more powerful than you, it’s something you fear. But it’s also something you can trust because how is it going to protect you if it’s not bigger than you? I don’t trust my children to protect me. They trust me.

And therein lies the problem because in order to trust what you fear you have to believe it’s for you. This is where many Christians completely miss the point of God’s power and majesty. They see it as something to cower in front of. They act like fearing God is perpetually walking around with the knowledge that at any moment He could crush them. And they suspect He might. And perhaps that He might even want to.

That’s not the fear of God. True fear of God is rooted in trust. For you will never rightly, fear God properly until you realize that the very thing that should make us fear Him is the very thing that He’s working for you.

The very power that should frighten your enemies should comfort you.
The very power that could crush you is carrying you.
The very power that could obliterate you is actually holding you together.

The very moment you became a child of God, God became completely for you, all of the time! And so now you can trust Him completely. And therefore fear Him properly.

Trust and fear aren’t enemies of each other. Trust and fear go hand in hand!