…today…to do the stuff, to share the light….and to live well in 2012! 

Was great to be a part of the London Diocesan 2012 initiative here in Stepney today. St Paul’s hosted us well, thanks to Ric Thorpe, Rod Green, JJohn, Ruth Bushager, Erin Clifford and others….. Here were some of my take-aways….

We lose the bigger picture, so easily! We are about something of a global enterprise, in the brilliance and challenge of the local church.

People spot an authentic follower of Jesus. We can all feel it with our hearts. Let us be those people.

There may be no greater summary of the Christian invitation than praying, caring and sharing.

Let’s be about witness, as much as wellbeing and worship. Let’s populate heaven through the beauty and possibility of our witness. 2 Samuel 14v14…for God has already devised the way we might reach the lost!  

Let’s be about hospitality, not hostility…..reaching out in openness, generousity and compassion.

When you look at John the Baptist you don’t think, ‘he was super-sensitive around people!’            

Put on the humility and grace of Christ. 1Peter 5v5.