from our new teaching series……my outline today…
“Without discipline, there’s no life at all!”
The Discipline of Bible Reading 
Exodus 20 v 1-6, Psalm 119 v 97-112

1 The Command – Exodus 20 v 4
God’s no cosmic killjoy, but always for our good!
2 The Warning – Exodus 20 v 5
Idols will disappoint, idols will dominate & deform us!

3 The Blessing – Exodus 20 v 6
Psalm 119 v 105

1. If you’re too busy for the bible, you’re too busy.
2. Everything will keep you from the bible.
3. God needs a vehicle of truth.
4. We protest it’s too hard.
5. It’s not a spare tyre, it’s a steering wheel.
6. You are the only bible many will read today!
7. The bible is life-giving – be in it!

*image by the talented James Bellorini