one of the big words for me in 2012 is ‘joy’…..I’ve felt the call to this stirring for a while and am rummaging with this in my reading and study times….so here’s a working list of how I’m seeking to live this out!

  1. Express gratitude.
  2. Cultivate optimism.
  3. Avoid over-thinking and kill comparisons!
  4. Practice kindness.
  5. Nurture relationships of depth.
  6. Develop best-life strategies for coping. Read and chew over more of Gods word!
  7. Learn to forgive, forgive and forgive again: a short accounts lifestyle!
  8. Live fully in the present. Don’t repaint the past, and fantasize about the future
  9. Commit to your realistic goals. Stop distracting stuff and tame your email inbox esp! *Thanks Sean!
  10. Take care of your body.
I’m enjoying trying to live out these…and failing miserably at No.10 right now,……