……saw me away enjoying Vicar-formation. Here were some random takeaways for me……

Some poverty stats that blew my mind, £9billion pa would provide global education, £6billion pa would provide sanitation….and we spend £17billion pa on pet food!
“…….by the grace of God we will carry on!”
Chrissy’s rummage with Hosea 8, exploring our distorted view of God. If we were to truly acknowledge God, worship God and trust God, we would experience unimaginable freedom!
Conversations ranging from detested food types, the emotions of Judas, discipleship complexity, clerical vestments, pioneering, the ordinal, Jewish slave patterns, genocide-death-&-theodicy, ministry fears, loss, tears and many more stories.
After at least fifteen years, a sweet reunion with creamy rice pudding on Saturday lunch.
Alt worship saw a central gathering of all our footwear. I was temporarily nervous about the safe return of my slipper-boots,….all is well!
Sean’s engagement with Luke 4 concerning temptation. Are some of my spiritual disciplines really just personal treats?!
Great conversations ….. Here’s to the years that are to come and the unfolding adventures for us and all our diverse church communities!
David’s call to us to imitate Jesus. Mark 1, integrity, authority and simplicity. Jesus as the Torah-incarnate was not above scripture and prayer. stop. look. listen.
Lets cut through the complexities we face, with the confidence and beauty of Jesus’ character.
The M&S weekend £10 meal-deal, a dose of Brothers & Sisters and a sweet reunion with my Julie!