from my day today….. Sunday Taught What…..

Dig for joy….and it can always be found. It is Jesus.
Henri Nouwen’s, Life of the Beloved came alive again in the baptism of a little one at church today.
‘Ink blue’ is not a winter colour,… with Julie continues to teach me so much! It is very good.
Challenged myself lots in the way I use my time, from todays preaching,……. I stand most convicted as messenger.
Web guests from all over in week three of this blog relaunch, mostly Brits, stateside friends, connections across Europe, and spotters further afield in Cambodia.
Much happiness in anticipating precious time with Noah & Esther next weekend.
“Faith is laying hold of Jesus personally. There is no merit in it. It’s value is not in itself, but entirely in its object, Jesus Christ. As Luther put it, ‘faith…apprehendeth nothing else but that precious jewel Christ Jesus.’ Christ is the Bread of life, faith feeds upon Him.” John Stott.
Had a Terrys chocolate-orange moment. Sainsburys have them half price:- what am I to do??!
I spilled tears again while watching Brothers and Sisters this weekend!!
Got called ‘Doug’ yesterday and ‘Johnny Spitalfields’ today, imagine what tomorrow!?