the fourth in our Sunday teaching series:- The Discipline of Time,…

Exodus 20v8-11, Matthew 6v25-34

Discipline without direction is drudgery.

Time scarity! Compulsions….? Exodus 20v10

i) Sabbath rest will give authentic enjoyment.                                                                  

ii) Sabbath rest is for contrast.                                                                                             

iii) Sabbath rest gives a glimpse of eternity in our time.

Margin? / Procrastination?! /  Ecclesiastes 9:11, Proverbs 21:16. // 1- Seek Gods will in everything / 2-Learn how to say “NO” / 3-Develop good routines /  4-Look for where Gods activity is  / STOP – LOOK – LISTEN /  5-Schedule unhurried time with God / the still, small voice:- 1 Kings 19:12 / 6-Manage time for your health // God’s unforced rhythms of grace: Matthew 11:28 / The great difference between the life desired and the life lived is time use and priorities.

*image by James Bellorini