One of the questions I get asked lots, is this:- How do I hear and better know God? So here’s a working list of things that help me hear the the still small voice of the Spirit more clearly.  

1 I hear God better after I’ve confessed my sin and struggles.  Confession gets rid of the static. Just as earwax is to hearing, so is confession to the soul.

2 I hear God better when I’m worshipping Him.  Worship is one way I tune into God’s frequency: His nudges, words, scriptures, echoes & revelation.

I hear God better after I’ve read my Bible.  When you open the Bible, it is as God opens His mouth.

4 I hear God better early in the morning.  What is your routine? When is best for your soul to be awakened to your Creator & Saviour?…..ideally accompanied by good coffee too!

5 I hear God better when I’m not in a hurry.  Blaise Pascal said, “All of man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” If we will just turn up, God will speak!

6  I hear God better when the view is good. A change of place brings a change of perspective. It keeps devotion fresh and my heart thankful. I love prayer from inspiring places.

7 I hear God better when I’m disciplined…..esp. in my eating and sleeping.  I hear God more clearly when I am light on media! The volume setting of my world as well as the internal whirr of my life need to give way to the still small voice of God.

8 I hear God better when I’m in and out of routine! God loves the ordinary and the extraordinary! At all times and in all places, God wants to speak!

9 I hear God better when I pursuing what God has last told me to do. When I’m stubborn, stuck or not on good speaking terms, the connection is weak and subject to wobbles! God loves to speak esp. when we are stepping out in faith.

,….so get after the adventures God has for you to live!