I got grabbed by 1 Kings 19 while preaching on something else on Sunday past,….. Here’s some notes from what I shared with some of our leaders today.

What is the shape of God’s hand in Elijah’s life….? Here are at least three lessons from God’s silence in the storm in Elijah’s life…..

I. God lets life humble us (v1- 4). Elijah was riding the crest of a victory. Then was threatened. It was all happening…….. so whatever, don’t be beaten up by life! Elijah felt dejected: he felt hypocritical, and so rough that he wished his life away. Life can make us feel as if our actions make no difference. Just like was for Elijah in verse 4. Always, and above all…….. we must listen for the voice of God and rely upon His power.

II. God takes over when our strength is gone (v5-8).
It is no sin to rest when your spirit hurts. Elijah models this: he laid down to sleep (v5). God knew that Elijah needed more strengthening and encouragement. Elijah was afraid and God gave him courage.

III. God’s heavenly will does not always make earthly sense (v9-14).
Elijah would have chosen to speedily zip, through the process. God spoke to Elijah after the discouragement of how Elijah felt! Elijah needed to hear a small voice….so do you and I! What I love is, that God the Lord disclosed himself in the still small voice, even when Elijah felt at is most inadequate (v11-13). Intimacy at the point of greatest vulnerability.

Elijah needed God at this very moment. God could only be found in fellowship and communion. This could only occur where Elijah was still enough to hear the still small voice and know that the Lord was God. God was not “in” earth, wind, or fire. Big occasions, busy seasons, clogged up ears mean we miss out on the still small voice of God.

For us to hear a small voice we need to,….

1. Be quiet. 2. Pay attention. 3. Avoid distractions. 4. Listen carefully.
 The still-small voice of God remains the gift of God to his children…. May we not neglect it!!