Some of life today……

Esther volunteered me her first chewitt on being reunited! #daddylove
Lots of white-meat roast Chicken remains Noah’s favourite… Great to share table fellowship with others too!
Listening to people’s lives is a privilege………for in our stories the God’s Holy Spirit broods and is powerfully active!
How I rejoice that there will be no DIY in heaven….and for the inbetween what I don’t know about boiler pressure isn’t worth knowing! PTL the heats working again…..
It was a joy to listen and accompany another in ‘stuttering towards Jesus’. Best direction ever for all of us!
Watched the Preachers Wife movie last night with Whitney Houston featuring in the cast….and then hours after, to hear of her death. ‘God gave me a voice to sing with.’ R.I.P. Whitney Houston
“Jesus honoured prostitutes more than Pharisees. This was one measure of His topsy-turvy Kingdom!” Dan DH at church today.
Enjoying Poppies fish & chips as a part of our blended family tradition is very good…..
Honouring those around us,  is not about the quality and activity of those people but about unconditional respect. Honour does not necessitate obedience.
Here’s to a warmer and better new week…right!?