Not just Sunday goodness but from the Vicar Weekend with St Mellitus. Here’s some of the take-away-messages for me….

As Liz says, “Musically, the best way to kick off lent is with some of Wesley’s flying bosoms, terrace songs & a good bit of trumpet!”
Friday night fish was not very good…..rice pudding and creme brulee for Saturday desert almost made up for it……
Great topics from evil, demonology, prayer ministry, bible stretches with Barth, addiction challenges, temptation, self-knowing & truth-telling,  burn-out, stress, preaching, liturgy, the humility and reminder of so much in ‘being ashed.’ Still needing clarity on the matter of common worship!?
First clericals, cassock and surplus fittings are always worthy of plenty of group giggles……….see bad vestments!
Wishing that singing , ‘Guide me oh thou great Jehovah’, didn’t trigger ancient school-boy memories! Good times FSL!
The best way to defeat the devil is humility. Francis Frangipaine is so right, “Satan will not continue to assault you if the result of destroying you is in fact driving you to be like Jesus.”
Have I believed the word that Jesus has said? Called, specific, grace-filled and God-purposed!? Am I still stepping out, trusting in Gods character, in faith, hope, and love!?
The parish church and missional adventures across the nation are assured of great times in the wave of next leaders, pioneers and pastors emerging to serve…. What encouragement!?
Where is it God and where is it me? Truly eternal or just a hollow echo? Godly or my ego…from another one of those great conversations….
…..and I’m still missing chocolate!