Confession is about healing that pours into our cracked & hurting lives, our alone places. Confession is about coming clean with the fact that, left to our lonesome, we are lost – but also owning the fact that we dare to long for much, much more. To confess is to say the truth about ourselves and our place and our desire.
From my prayer preparations….’We bring ourselves in our living, our breathing, our working, our eating, our hardships and our dreams. Into our hopes and fears God of all wisdom be our help…… Where we cannot guide us, where we dare not – give us courage, grow your life by increasing our faith hope and love. God for where some of us need healing Be the great physican, where some of us need provision Be the one who can, where some of us need hope Be everything you say you are….and for those of us who just don’t know, Be our rest until the time when know your promised way, your truth and your life.’
Blessed be your name. When Im found in the desert place, though i walk through the wilderness,….., Blessed be your name…….You give and take away…. Suffering; a theme, a truth…, something that doesn’t stop after just a little bit!
A fresh Sunday morning melting-muffin…could be a desired repeat tradition!
God is the great creator / investor…. Do I give in biblical amounts?…..will I give seriously, the stewardship challenge of living generously!?
And more roast chicken goodness shared with others,….and the artwork below.
This is a game changer:- we are forgiven, we are restored!

*artwork by Olivia Kay-Shuttleworth!