Gloriously creative internet factoids – iphones exceeding population growth!?, lots of learning here on how to run good meetings…., romance till death come knocking…., the oldest couple on earth give advice!five regrets about dying: guardian article goodness, it takes a whole church to raise a child, ways to destroy your marriage: motivation not-too?!, Patrick Leconini’s meeting leadership advice, the dangers of pastoral celebrity…..,writing advice from the brilliant Mary deMuth, a tale of two bishops, Alistair Begg on the secret of being useful to God!, principles for leading young pastors!, the value of doing one-thing-at-a-time,…none of this multi-tasking!!?, an academic reflection on John Stott’s legacy, Chloe’s moving writing about giving-birth to something beautiful!, ten-ministry work-habits to kick for effectiveness and joy!, priestly ministry is what I do: movingly penned by Jodie, Bruggemann’s interview conversation here that is great….. Unintended consequences – stirring up the kingdom of God free-ebook, Francis Chan – leaders: maturity, courage and the bible, and Neil Cole on what is the church!

*artwork from the talented Cherith Simpson