….from this first quarter in 2012…..
As ever, the worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. Not the best patch of reading in terms of quality, but here are my preferred reads, bolded. I’ll share some best-bits over the next few weeks if I get a chance…….

1 What is the Mission of the Church, Kevin DeYoung.
2 The Healing Presence, Leanne Payne.
3 A Meal with Jesus, Tim Chester
4 Community, Brad House
5 Risk Shaped Discipleship, Terry Biddington
6 Self Confidence, Paul McGee
7 The Obama’s A Mission & A Marrige, Jodie Kator
8 A Praying Life, Paul Miller 
9 Changes that Heal, Henry Cloud 
10 Beatiful Outlaw, John Eldredge
11 One Thousand gifts, Ann Voskamp 
12 The Undefended life, Simon Walker 
13 The Wisdom of the cross, Brian Rosner
14 With, Skye Jethani
15 A Place called Blessing, Trent & Smith
16 Meet Jesus, John Twisleton
17 Bearing Fruit, Weems & Berlin
18 Last thing at Night, Ruia Devereaux
19 Serving Gods World, Coudie, Maloue & Barker
20 Willpower, Baumeister & Tierney
21 Create;- People must be stopped, David & Owens
22 Forgiveness is healing, Russ Parker 
23 Leaders who last, Dave Kraft 
24 Vintage Jesus, Gary Breashers & Mark Driscoll
25 Free to Fail, Russ Parker
26 Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson 
27 Why men hate going to church, David Murrow
28 Sex & the supremacy of Christ, Justin Taylor
29 The statue of waiting, W H Vanstone
30 Signature sins, Michael Mangis 
31 You are my God, David Watson 
32 Sticky Teams, Larry Osbourne 
33 Self Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson
34 Called to the Ministry, Edward Clowney
35 The Hidden price of Greatness, Ray Beeson