Participating in and cheering on our children’s work today:- the Emmaus Road story, is layered with meaning and possibility!
Is discerning Jesus only more likely when we slow down…..? Mission, hospitality and table fellowship are inextricably bound up as one for me….
Storytelling is pure adventure….and something I want to continue growing in…..
Not only does Jesus listen and teach,….but He lingers. Luke 24v28 reflects how much time we underestimate Jesus has for us!
When you get tongue-tied with kids, heretical concepts can tumble out! Truly He is risen: He is risen indeed!
Deep truth will always evoke a response of faith!
Children keep asking great questions……
Twitter continues to cause a giggle…inc Manny Delgado from  Modern Family becoming a recent follower! (I’m gonna try and not follow more than 200! – there’s my accountability,….right!)
….but, a stomache bug is a rare and horrid way to close the weekend!