Churches don’t have to have it all, to be about something special. A privilege to serve again at Wilmington.
Further confirmation that, I really have no desire to run a marathon…’s enough of one right?!
‘……the darling of heaven was crucified’…..worthy is the lamb!
This boy is stumbling towards the flowers, he makes it three steps onto the platform….everyone else is mostly lost in the activity of sung worship. His disablity means his movements are uncomfortable, clumsy and sincere. Smell and touch of this tall, fragile array of flowers feels almost precarious but utterly in pause, as though out of time. For this almost-13 year old boy, he has been loved into a flourishing life, much beyond natural expectation. It’s miraculous and his movement so authentic. Tommy is his name. His response, his enjoyment is pure worship……or that’s the way I saw it through the haze of tears.
2 Timothy 1v12 is a ripper of a verse: Paul’s words are for our confidence,
I want to give my life afresh to knowing Jesus….. No pretense, nothing less than the best pursuit of Jesus in my lifetime. All else is foolishness!
It’s wonderful when guests become attenders and start to wrestle with Gods place in their enquiring hearts!
…… I do love these scenes……..our nation is stirring….