Theres a little bit of Nicodemus in all of us……. That head-and-head wrestle continues!
Great BCP / Lectionary readings today……Trinity Sunday
A fresh vision of history’s last chapter,….is more than enough to sustain us in the now……
“In a dark world, we lift the bread and wine.”
…..from my journalled prayers:- Lord Jesus Christ, you speak to us of heavenly things, even when we are most interested in earthly things. Thank you that you call us to look up, when we would look down, and give up hope. Speak to us afresh, that we may learn the way and the will of your Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the four-day bank-holiday, overcome your fear of fruit-and-protein mixed in Coronation Chicken!, rise above the misery of the rain, We need more jobel and less jubilo….yes, respect the queen, but above all love the Kings of Kings!

Free tea and homemade cream scones giveaways in our community on the steps was great fun….and it plants fresh perspectives, opens up possiblities for people, kills some of the myths and makes more links in the chain, that lead people to Jesus!