is a truly great new 5* book from Ed Welch.
I get through a decent number of books, but this is a rare mix of depth, compassion, uniqueness and accessibility!
….here’s my review…..

A shady mask-like existence, can easily overtake our lives. We can all too easily feel like frauds, waiting to be exposed. Shame’s presence extends far too far. Overcoming on our own is not possible, and never God’s plan for us.

Ed Welch paints a winsome and wise pathway to the power of the blood of Jesus: how through Jesus you and I can be covered, adopted, cleansed, and healed. This book is top class stuff in the battle to live well! Welch tracks the long biblical history of shame, starting with Adam and Eve’s story of nakedness, rejection, and contamination. It is sacrificially seen in Christ and yet is something you and I bump into on a daily if not weekly basis. All does not have to be as it is…. and we have great and eternal help in the only true liberation, found in the cross.

“The reality is that unclean people can’t wash anything. Only the Holy One can make us holy. That leaves us with one alternative, and it is the hardest thing for an unclean person to do. Just state the obvious: ‘I am unclean and I live with people who are unclean.’” This is pastoral theology at its richest and best. I’ve already signposted people to this great new book and have a couple of copies coming for others. This comprehensive 29-chapter work has accompanying discussion resources and is a confident help and gracious evidence that the gospel speaks to every human emotion. Fresh and compelling stuff!