funny and all that……… Life is richer for all that’s said, alone the way!! 😉

well if the HD is on TV, you wont see the British rain! 
I hope I get to wear shorts in heaven too!
‘You keep on talking about how God’s grace is enough. What would that look like in my life?’
How many commas did you have in that last paragraph. Come up for air!?
Group reading bingo with Noah & Esther; P22, para3, line1! “I wanted to keep the squirrel house just for….”like many others at the edge of life!….”there are certain chemical nerve agents,…somebody muttered!!” Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson, Life Lessons by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz. Guess who was reading which?!

If elipses were water, you would be draining the Thames!
Daddy, eat the chocolate if you want: I love you just the way you are!
Root more and more into the life of God, as revealed in scripture….
You mean I don’t have to struggle with be dry, grumpy and fearful?

*spot any themes?!