just a few goodies that grabbed me recently….. Enjoy!

Behance: 99-percent change making ideas!,  a one-hour planning strategy resource: for better living?! Leadership notes: ‘Made to Stick!’ the book in 12-page summary, or 3-page summary!, battling spiritual restlessnessAn excellent guide to meetings: there’s so much learning here!, How ideas get translated into reality is vital…99-conference brilliance too?! Signs of an inwardly obsessed church – Rains article, High character and high skill make for much fruitfulness!, Wormwood, CS Lewis & pastoral sabotage, Tim Chesters helpful Social Media guidelines, Tim Keller new video-footage, the shocking-genius-poverty-diagnostic tool created by Church Urban Fund, Church as communities of grace and proclamation, Zimbardo on boy-struggles! and Fight Club, war of spirit & Nahum c/o James Bellorini.