“I’m not the king. I’m only an ambassador for the King”.

A great reminder from Paul Tripp, speaking to church leaders about the specifics of pastoral ministry. Share this goodness far and wide: Sit with these questions in silence and the searching light of God, the Holy Spirit.

What claims the fear of my heart?
What causes me to lack confidence and doubt God?
What has the power to rob me of my resolve and to question my calling?
Where does my heart wander when it’s free to wander?
Am I in the way of what God is doing, or a part of it?
Where do I run for refuge and rest in difficult times?
Am I dealing with issues, or numbing myself from them?
Who helps me to see things that I can’t see for myself?
Ministry will always be propelled by some kind of glory. Am I propelled by God’s glory or my own?
Am I building God’s kingdom or my own?
Am I investing at gazing at the glory of God?
How much is my passion for teaching fuelled by my own devotion?
Where is their disconnect between my preaching and living? public & private gaps?!
Am I more excited about giving ministry than getting ministry?
What sin used to bother me that doesn’t bother me anymore?

* Here’s more about this from Tripp on the Dangerous Calling blog. The picture below is my gorgeous neice, Martha!