I’ve not read enough stories of life with Jesus recently, but am just about to loop around for more….. I love reading the stories of those God has used throughout history. The diversity of lives that God uses is staggering…..so for days when you struggle to feel that God is big and glorious: trace His hand in the lives of others!

There is no one personality type, ministry, approach, nor theological tribe God has been limited to. All of this serves to make much of God and birth fresh humility in us. Outside of the Bible, biographies of the people God has used to make a lasting impact tend to be my favorite reading. Besides the amazing nature of these stories, there are at least three good reasons I read these,…….

1. Christian biographies stir my affection for Jesus.
One of the common traits in those God uses to change the world is their inextinguishable love and affection for Jesus. I have found the more I read of their love for Christ, the more my own affection for Him increases. I can feel my heart burn hotter as I turn the pages through the lives of those who have gone ahead of me.

2. Christian biographies serve as a practical example.
If you are like me, you want to learn how to better love and pursue Jesus. The lives of these flawed, but faithful servants serve as practical examples of how to pray, grow, mature, serve and prevail in a way that honors God and grows our faith.

3. Christian biographies remind me of God’s faithfulness.
Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Reading the struggles, suffering, and successes of God’s people reminds me of this. The opposition I face, the fatigue I feel, and the joy I experience are not exclusive to me and they are not new!! (relief to that!!) These great biographies serve as constant reminders of who God is and His faithfulness toward His servants down through history.

If you have not made Christian biography a regular part of your reading rhythm, I high recommend you to give it a shot. They will stir your affection for Christ, serve as a practical example of how others have pursued Christ, and remind you of God’s faithfulness.