I hope I grow in appreciation of church bells. They’re a huge interest around here and across the nation. So in curious symbiotic timing today’s launch to the Olympic sees bells to ring at 0812-am. Not my plan, nor my preference! The goal is that ALL kinds of bells might ring out for three minutes ‘as quickly and loudly as possible’. Ouchhhh! *here I think all relational goodwill, neighbourly love and acoustic happiness could drain away!

All sounds of bells are welcome………It’s going to be interesting to hear how well it works, and if the idea is to use bells to both celebrate the start of the Olympics and sound a welcome to the many visitors coming to the UK! But more than the sound……what might the bells be about?

They call us to rejoicing, reminding, inviting: I hope bells do make a joyful noise at the start of the Olympics, and that we hear the call, noise and interuptions that break into our lives, calling us to a unique season of London life, the beckon of eternity………….and here’s not to being a glass half empty person!